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Shipping a wine gift to France | Shipping wine to France

Shipping your wine gift to France

Do you want to send a wine gift to France? Do you live far from France and want to give a wine gift to your family or a friend living in France? Is your company located outside France and you want to thank a French client or business partner?

Entrust your wine gift to La Bouteille Dorée

If you have to select and mail the gift yourself, you know that it won't be easy: finding the right bottle that will please the recipient, gift-wrapping it, buying a card and writing a message, finding a mailing package solid enough to prevent any damage, and finally, going to the post office to send your package: all of which is time-consuming, expensive and risky.

La Bouteille Dorée is specialized in the design, selection and delivery of wine gift boxes to individuals and companies. Based in Paris, France, we have a stock of more than 1000 different wine references from France and abroad: old vintages, large bottle formats, etc. We also have quality gift boxes designed for one, two or three bottles and wooden boxes for one to 12 bottles.

Choose the wine you want to give

We offer numerous French wine references from all regions of France including Alsace, Beaujolais, Bordeaux, Bourgogne, Champagne, Languedoc, Loire, Provence, Rhône, etc. You will find the right wine for your budget and for the amateur, enthusiast or expert whom the gift is for: red wines, rosés and whites, dry or effervescent, young or old, from independent producers to classified "grand crus", in 75cl bottles, 1.5l magnums or large formats of 3 litres and more.

If you wish to offer a wine from your country of origin rather than a French wine, we have many wine references from the following countries: Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Canada, Chile, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain and the United States.

Create your wine gift

You have two options:
- Choose from our range of ready-to-send gift boxes: one, two or three bottles, wine and glasses set, or wooden boxes.
- Create your own gift box by selecting the type of box and the bottle(s) you wish to give.

You can also select the exact delivery date for your gift -- a birthday, for instance -- to ensure that it doesn't arrive too early, and include a message for the recipient of your gift.

Ship your wine gift in France

We offer several delivery options for shipping your wine gift in France:
- Via mail carrier, delivered to a home address with Colissimo or to a service point with Chronopost; the shipping fees are 9 euros, 7 euros and free for orders of at least 50 euros, 100 euros and 150 euros respectively.
- Via courier: if your recipient is located in Paris or the near suburbs of Paris, we can hand him your gift in person from Monday to Friday and Saturday morning within a three-hour time slot. We can also deliver in 24 hours and even on the same day as your order.
- Via a specialized carrier for wooden boxes and crates and large bottle formats

Need some help?

Shoud you need any extra help to order your wine gift, you can either call our english-speaking customer services at +33146222979 from Monday to Friday between 9,00 am and 6.00 pm, use the chat box in the lower righthand corner of the screen or send your request by e-mail using the button below.

Shipping your wine gift to France - Send your request

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    • Château du Vieux Puit Les Racines Blaye Côtes de Bordeau Rouge 2014
      En stock

      Château du Vieux Puit Les...

      Château du Vieux Puit Les Racines 2014 est un vin rouge en AOP Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux...

      À partir de 6,90 €
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    • Laurent Miquel Languedoc AOC L'artisan Rouge 2013
      En stock

      Laurent Miquel Languedoc AOC...

      Cette cuvée "L'Artisan" est un vin issu des vignes du domaine Laurent Miquel situé sur...

      À partir de 7,00 €
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    • Château Jeandebout Bordeaux Agriculture Biologique Rouge 2016
      En stock

      Château Jeandebout Bordeaux...

      Château Jeandebout 2016 est un vin rouge de Bordeaux issu d'un terroir argilo-calcaire...

      À partir de 7,20 €
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    • Château La Monge Côtes de Bourg  Rouge 2009
      En stock

      Château La Monge...

      Château La Monge produit des vins issus d’'un assemblage où le cépage Merlot est...

      À partir de 7,20 €
      Ajouter à ma hotte x12
    • Domaine des 3 Cellier Côtes-du-Rhône 3 Rouge 2014
      En stock

      Domaine des 3 Cellier...

      D'un rouge grenat éclatant, ce Côtes du Rhône est très charmeur. Il exalte des arômes...

      À partir de 7,65 €
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    • Domaine de La Cendrillon IGP Pays d'Oc Atypique Rouge 2015
      En stock

      Domaine de La Cendrillon IGP Pays...

      La cuvée Atypique 2016 est un vin rouge du Domaine de La Cendrillon en IGP Pays d'Oc....

      À partir de 7,90 €
      Ajouter à ma hotte x6
    • Château Quatre-Rieux Castillon-Côtes-de-Bordeaux Rouge 2015
      En stock

      Château Quatre-Rieux...

      Château Quatre-Rieux 2015 est un vin de Bordeaux en appellation...

      À partir de 8,00 €
      Ajouter à ma hotte x12
    • Nicolas Gonin IGP Isère Balmes Dauphinoises Rosé 2015
      En stock

      Nicolas Gonin IGP Isère Balmes...

      Ce rosé isérois de Nicolas Gonin est un vin rosé original issu à 85% du cépage...

      À partir de 8,30 €
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    • Château Lion Noir Côtes-de-Bourg Agriculture Biologique Rouge 2015
      En stock

      Château Lion Noir...

      Château Lion Noir est un vin rouge de Bordeaux en appellation Côtes-de-Bourg issu d’'un...

      À partir de 8,40 €
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    • Château La Verrière Bordeaux Blanc 2016
      En stock

      Château La Verrière Bordeaux Blanc 2016

      Château La Verrière 2016 est un vin blanc de Bordeaux issu du cépage Sauvignon à...

      À partir de 8,50 €
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    • Château Clos du Loup Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux Rouge 2011
      En stock

      Château Clos du Loup Le...

      La cuvée "Le Louveteau" est le second vin de Château Clos du Loup et est un vin rouge...

      À partir de 8,50 €
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    • Triennes Vin du Pays du Var Rosé 2016
      En stock

      Triennes IGP Méditerranée Rosé 2016

      Ce rosé 2016 de Triennes offre une robe couleur très pâle. Son nez dévoile des arômes...

      À partir de 8,80 €
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